Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Year Ago in the NY Hospital...Coleman chatting with Daddy

Here is that voice we miss so much-
Cman talking to daddy about his "nutty monkey" he ordered for lunch- while twirling his bunny's ribbon...he asks about how "tay-der Dale" (Caden Dale) is feeling...and that he's going to bring him some cereal...always thinking of his brother!

Pics of Caden's self hair cut coming soon! :)


  1. Peggy, congratulations on starting your blog. I will look forward to seeing pictures again! I rarely leave messages but have followed you and your family for some time. Thanks for sharing your life with me ... it helps me stay on track and off my pity pot! Waiting to see Caden's hair pictures!

    Linnae, Brooklyn Park MN and yes, this weather stinks!!!

  2. Love the videos and the voice... misshimtoo

  3. Love the new blog Peggy! I have added it to my google reader. Can't wait to get more updates from Team Larson. We think of you guys daily!!

    Love from Ames, IA-
    The Fischer Family :)

  4. LOVE the new blog Peggy! Welcome aboard!!!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  5. I've followed your carepage for a couple of years now, but somehow I've never seen video of Coleman. And now I don't think I can stop crying. What a precious boy, a precious face, a precious voice.

  6. So glad you found a way to keep posting your precious son's videos. It seems like a good transition. Will be following Team Larson as always!

  7. Peggy, I'm so happy to see you've decided to start a blog. I loved the video of Coleman talking about the Nutty Monkey... This is the first time I've follwed anyone's blog... hope I signed up right to follow it... Still praying for your whole family and thinking of you often...

    Kristi Maxwell