Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Cookies...

Caden's faces...
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Hi Everyone,
I have a long update to do on what's been going on around here, but it will have to wait for a while longer...this is a busy week with one night of conferences down tonight, and another one Thursday night. My sleep patterns continue to be out of whack- and I dreamt the other night Spiderman and WonderWoman were trying to break into our house and I was running around locking all the windows and doors but couldn't get a scream out...ever have one of those dreams where you can't scream??? I must have finally got one out because I woke myself up and couldn't get back to sleep. Geez- wonder what a dream analyst would say about that one?!?!? Maybe I've finally lost it! No comments Scott!!! haha

I want to update on the Coleman Larson Skate-a-thon the 4H group put on last Saturday- Caden was on skates from 8am- 9pm with only a couple hour break when he went to a friend's house... (THANKS ZACK!)
It was truly an AMAZING day I'll update on soon.

For now, I wanted to get this cookie recipe on here that someone had requested- sorry it took me a while to find it-
and add a couple of pics from Caden on Palm Sunday.
More coming soon,
Blessings to you all-


Easter Story…COOKIES.

***First, preheat the oven to 300 degrees.***

1 c. whole pecans
1 tsp vinegar
3 egg whites
1 pinch of salt
1 c. of sugar

You will need:
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Ziplock baggie
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

Place pecans in the baggie and let the children beat them with the wooden spoon to break into small pieces. Explain that after Jesus was arrested, He was beaten by the Roman soldiers. (Read John 19: 1-3)

Let the children smell the vinegar. Put 1 tsp. into a mixing bowl. Explain that when Jesus was thirsty on the cross, He was given vinegar to drink. (Read John 19: 28-30)

Add the egg whites to the vinegar. Eggs represent life. Explain that Jesus gave his life for us. (Read John 10: 10-11)

Sprinkle a little salt into the children’s hand and let them taste it, then brush the rest into the bowl. Explain that it represents the salty tears shed by Jesus’ followers and the bitterness of our own sin. (Read Luke 23:27)

So far the ingredients aren’t very appetizing. Add 1 cup of sugar. Explain that the sweetest part of this story is that Jesus died because He loves us. He wants us to know and belong to Him. (Read Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16)

Beat with mixer on high speed for 11-15 minutes until stiff peaks form. Explain that the color white represents the purity in God’s eyes of those whose sins have been cleansed by Jesus. (Read Isaiah 1:18 and John 3:1-3)

Fold in broken nuts. Drop by teaspoon onto wax paper-covered cookie sheet. Explain that each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus’ body was laid. (Read Matthew 27: 65-66)

Put cookie sheet in oven. Close the door and turn the oven OFF. Give the child a piece of tape and seal the door. Explain that Jesus’ tomb was sealed. (Read Matthew 27:65-66)

Explain they may feel sad to leave the cookies in the oven overnight. Jesus’ followers were in despair when the tomb was sealed. (Read John 16:20 and 22)

Go to bed!

On Resurrection morning, open the oven and give everyone a cookie!

Notice the cracked surface and take a bite. The cookies are hollow! On the first Resurrection Day, Jesus’ followers were amazed to find the tomb open and empty. (Read Matthew 28: 1-9)

He has risen! Hallelujah!

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A quick story about Palm Sunday...
Caden asked if he could go get a drink during service...he came back with his cheeks PUFFED out- and got up to my face. I thought he was bluffing, and he only had AIR in them, so I squeezed his cheeks together- ,( kind of hard) WATER SHOT out allllll over me and the pew!!!! The people sitting behind us got a good laugh out of that one- The lady sitting behind me said, "You should have seen his eyes!!!"
Yep- lesson learned! I bet Coleman would have had a thing or two, or THREE to say about THAT! :)
Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Post...Green Day St. Patrick's 2010

I said in the last update I’d do a St. Patrick’s Day post- so here goes…

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Someone who is newer to Coleman’s carepage may not know that St. Patrick’s Day was always a favorite of Coleman’s and Caden’s….Coleman considered it his “lucky day”- for many reasons. His favorite color was GREEN, so he pretty much felt the day was ALLLLL about him when he’d see everyone wearing HIS favorite color! It held some significance in his journey- with his stem cell transplant being done ON St. Patrick’s day after having to be delayed…(we considered it a lucky twist in fate.)

Also one of the boys-(isn’t it terrible I can’t remember which one now-but I think it was Coleman) had his hernia surgery done ON St. Patrick’s day by Dr. Irish. What a coincidence. (Oh-by the way- they both had hernia surgeries by Dr. Irish- I just can’t remember which one had it ON St. Patrick’s day!)

Anyway- Caden and Coleman loved to set traps for the leprechauns and try to trick them to find their pot of gold. They’d have so much fun with the whole thing. I’d spread gold glitter all around their traps- and be ducking under and tripping over their booby traps the entire night before!
Caden kept the tradition going yesterday when he set his own leprechaun trap…but he had to be quick about it, as he and I didn’t get home until past his bedtime that night, so he threw this together before getting into his jammies.
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He only got his finger caught in the mousetrap ONCE while getting it all set up! :)

He was up by 6:00 the next morning and was SO excited to find a note from the leprechaun, along with some special treats-
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He carried around the green piece of fabric that was stuck in the mousetrap, but was convinced it was from the leprechaun's PANTS and not his jacket! He kept saying he needed to save the "evidence" to show grandma!
(Thank goodness for our stash of treats I’ve picked up here and there, as I really didn’t have time to go get him anything!) I TRULY don’t know WHAT the leprechaun was thinking when he left this little horn…You would have thought when he looked at the package and it said, “INCREDIBLY LOUD” and “FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY” that would have been a big clue to leave it in the leprechaun store.
See that little hole you blow into? Yeah- the MEGA BLAST- is MEGA LOUUUUD!!!
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It must have been a weak moment…but he KNEW Caden would love the thing! :) OH and also a whoopee cushion…what is it that boys love about those?!? It’s just so great to hear him giggle, after he’s been feeling a little blue lately. He really did have a fun day!
Here are some pics from Caden’s special day of Green…
Drinking his green leprechaun milk-
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He asked me if we could send something to Coleman in Heaven, so while he was in school I got him some balloons to release when he got home…He decided to keep one for his bedroom, and let the others go. Then he blew his horn VERY loudly so Cman could hear it. Check out how much snow has melted- the past couple of days have been in the 50’s and gorgeous! Now they’re talking snow again this weekend! UGG- at least we know it won’t stick around too long?!?
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Oh- I also wanted to share this little ditty I made for Cade….he’s only watched it about a hundred times now! He loves it! I showed it to Scott, and he didn’t even realize it was Caden until the close up- and then he cracked up. You’ll have to follow the link, I can’t seem to embed it…but it’s worth clicking on! :)


He has watched it over and over and keeps clicking replay, so the music is stuck in my head and driving me CRRRRRAZY! :)

Here are some pics of Cman looking through the clover patch one year for a four leaf clover- then I remember he picked a bunch and pretended to EAT them just to laugh at me freaking out!
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And a video from March 2008…


Here is a song I wanted to share by David M Bailey called “Her Favorite Color was Green.” I changed the word HER to HIS because it reminded me so much of Coleman…


His favorite color was green,
And that’s about all that I know.
Except that he knew the Lord loved him…
His Bible told him so.

He swam in an ocean of laughter.
He danced in a desert of grace.
The way that he loved those around him,
was written all over his face.

I was there, the evening that he left us.
I heard every tear that was shed.
I wanted to ask God the reason,
But I asked him “what now” instead.

“What now God would you have us say?”
“What now God would you have us do?”
“Wasn’t it clear he was faithful?”
“Wasn’t that enough for you?””

And God said…
“How could you ask such a question”
“Surely the answer is clear.”
“Do I have to paint you a picture?”
“Is it not enough that I’m here?”

I said, “God, that’s not what I meant…
He was just too young to die.”
God said,
“I know what you mean…
Remember… I watched my son cry.”

I said “Yes, but at least your boy is with you now.”
He said “Right, and now so is he.”
“I set him a place at my table… and you should see that boy eat.”

“Oh in fact, I wish you could see him smiling.”
“Then you’d know… he feels right at home.”
“He’s been telling the angels about you.”
“So you won’t feel alone.”

His favorite color was green.
That’s my favorite too.
He’s already sliding down rainbows…
Right between yellow and blue.

In the next post, we’ll take some pics of our new CureSearchwalk tshirts Caden FINALLY finished designing. He only changed his mind about 423 times he said. haha
I tried to sway his mind, but he kept reminding me I PROMISED HE could be in charge of them, so they’re HIS little project. He decided he wanted the number ONE on them instead of 22. (Go figure- it’s his dirt bike number)…So the back of the shirts NOW say, “Neva Div Up! 1 child at a time”
We’ll put a pic with ordering info in the next post…

Until then, here’s our walk link again…THANK YOU so much for the donations and support!
Curesearch Walk- TEAM LARSON PAGE.

AND if you had some trouble voting for the VanWey video I posted about last time…go to www.familydanceoff.com Register and then vote for the VanWeys- (I think their video is on pg 15 or 16) The video is called FTK (for the kids) VanWey Family Video. This would really help the IOWA CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IN IOWA CITY….THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE & YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay, That’s it for now…
Caden is probably going to be sharing some BIG news about his FIRST TOOTH coming out very, very soon! (his bottom front two are getting loose!) Yikes- he’s getting bigger! Not sure if I’m really, really sad he’s growing so fast, OR really, really happy that he has the chance to… Just thanking God for ALL of my blessings…included all of you.

THANK YOU for taking the time to leave us a message. Someone asked me if we even read them- YES, of course we do- each and every one! You have NO IDEA how much they lift us on the tough days. It really does mean a lot to us that so many of you still take the time to let us know you continue checking in with us. I wish I had the time to look up everyone’s email who leaves a message- unfortunately it’s impossible to sift through the names to find the email that goes with it. If you’d like a reply, send an email…either way, we thank you!


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Where to begin? It’s been a while since I’ve updated…so I have a feeling this will be a more than one part post. Just warning you…we’ll see! We’ve been keeping busy as usual, and some days, “moments” are better than others. I could blame it on the weather (it’s been really gray and muddy lately) but I think the “funk” we find ourselves in would come and go no matter what the weather. Some warm sunshine sure would be nice though! It’s a good thing God is helping us along no matter what the weather outside…
Here are some pics of the snow- it has melted a LOT since I took these- YAY!
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We did get another day of sledding in before the warm up…and Caden and I are no longer playing “Ice Road Truckers” on the way to school each morning! I was getting a little tired of that game anyway! :)
Now we’re just trying to make our way through the mud, and keep sucking water out of the basement until it’s dried up and GREEN again!
Let’s see…Caden has been a social butterfly lately. He had four birthday parties to go to in two weekends, a music carnival last Saturday night and he was in a talent show at school! I wasn’t able to go to his talent show, as it was the same time as the Manners Tea Party in my classroom, but Scott went and said he was a hoot. Imagine that!  He sang the song “Big Green Tractor” with a little girl in his class- one of his THREE girlfriends now- and I asked him if he remembered all of the words. He said, “well, I pretty much just stuck two fingers in my pocket and stared into her eyes and hummed.”
Scott asked him, “wow, you have 3 girlfriends? How DO you handle it?” He answered, “watch and learn my fuzzy friend!” He cracks us up.
Here are a few pics of Eli’s birthday party in DesMoines… (cp: elirhorn) Caden had a blast. Eli and the Horns are very special to our family. We love you guys!
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Caden’s been having some difficulty at school the past couple of weeks…his teacher says he has a lot of “aches and pains” that move from his tummy, to his toe, to his hip, his leg, his head, finger, etc. and he also “lost his voice” for an hour or so before it miraculously returned after he got a drink of water. He loves the school nurse, so not sure if he’s trying to make a trip to the office just to see her or what it is. He’s been having ‘emotional /teary’ moments and keeps complaining of ‘aches’…but they move…one second it will be a headache and then a tummy ache and then he can’t remember where. We’ve tried to talk to him about what’s going on, but his stories change all the time- he ends up in tears and doesn’t want to talk about it…but wants us to know that sometimes it’s hard to breathe too.
His teacher says once he gets involved in an activity he seems to forget all about his physical aches. I’m wondering if I need to get him back into counseling…we’ll talk again to his teacher tomorrow at his conference, so maybe we’ll learn more after that. Physically there doesn’t seem to be a thing wrong with him, but we may take him to the doctor just to ease HIS mind that he’s not sick.
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A couple of weeks ago we went out for supper and he was over playing the video games when a couple of girls we didn’t know came up and asked him if he missed Coleman. He said he didn’t answer and they just kept asking until one said, “be quiet or you’ll make him sad!” I asked him, “DID it make you sad?” and he said, “no, my eyes just got a little burny, but they get burny lotsa times…. not cuz I’m sad.” I asked him if kids ask him a lot about Coleman and he said, “WHAT DO YOU THINK???” I asked, “well what do you say?” He told me he tells them he’s HAPPY Coleman died. That really shocked me! I asked him why in the world he would say that- and he said, “well, cuz then he don’t have to go through all-a the stuff what he kept havin to do. Now he don’t have no more pain… so I’m happy he died.”
I explained that I too was glad Coleman didn’t have any more pain, but that I still miss him, and wish he didn’t die. Caden answered, “yeah, me too. I wish he never got cancer.”
I sometimes forget all Caden has witnessed in his short lifetime. It was one thing for Coleman to have to go through it all, and it was so hard for US as adults to witness, and not be able to change the situation, but Caden was right there for almost everything, and I worry about the lasting effects on him sometimes. At the time I felt it was important for us to all be together as a family- as a TEAM- but did we make the right decision to let him be a part of every step until the very end? Should we have shielded him from some of the procedures or hospital time? I don’t know the answer. All I know is I pray for God to help Caden along through his journey without his twin. He and Coleman were connected in a way I’ve never witnessed…so I guess we should probably expect that he’ll have some rough days too. He’s seemed to handle everything so well, but little by little I think as time goes on, there will be much for him to process as he tries to figure things out. Heck why should HE be any different than the rest of us? I have my good and bad days too, and find it hard to put into words…I can imagine it’s hard for him to explain at six.
One night he was watching the History channel with Scott and started asking about presidents…how did all of the presidents die? Did they all get shot? Did some of them die of cancer? Why do people get cancer? Why didn’t we just have the doctors take Coleman’s out again? Why couldn’t the doctors give him medicine to make it better? Etc. etc. Scott did a great job of answering his questions.
He asked me one day, “Mommy? When people die, do they all breathe like Coleman did?” and then sat there gasping loudly. Scott asked him if he thinks about Coleman a lot, and he said, “Oh yeah, BIG TIME…More than you will EVER know.”
His questions are difficult- but we do our best to answer them honestly, and reassure him that he is loved, and we are here for him. I’m praying his “aches” he’s been having at school will subside and he can enjoy his time with his friends and learning.
He’s all signed up for soccer, so that will start again soon…and of course T-ball to follow. I’m really looking forward to being home with him this summer- even though we have a lot of school days to make up- summer WILL come eventually, and he’s already planning a “camouflage party” where he wants to invite “9 or 5” friends over to dress up in camo and have a squirt gun fight & go on a treasure hunt.
Speaking of school, I’m on spring break this week, but Caden has school all week. My school has been going a half hour longer each day until April 22nd to make up three days of school. My class hasn’t really even noticed the extra half hour and it’s been nice to fit in some lessons we missed out on with all of the snow days. Caden still gets out about a week earlier than I do for summer vacation. With the economy being tough all over, his elementary school is in danger of closing…which we’re praying doesn’t happen. Their school wants to go from three buildings to two. Scott has been attending school board meetings and trying to help keep the elementary open, but time will tell. It’s where Scott went to school, and only a mile from our house. Caden also attends daycare there and only has to walk across the hall to Kindergarten. If it closes, and he has to be bused to another town, that will mean we’ll have to find different daycare too, as it would be way out of the way for me to drop him off each morning and pick him up. All of the talk and wonder has been stressing Caden out too I think. He loves his school AND his daycare! Personally, I would love to open enroll him and take him to school with me, but it would mean leaving his friends, and Scott really wants him to stay in this school system, so we’ll have to see how it all turns out. Again, we’re confident God will put Caden right where He wants him to be.
A couple of funnies before I mention all of the business I want to-
One morning when I was drying my hair, I turned my head and was hit SMACK in the nose with a nerf football. There stood Caden with an “UT OH!” look on his face saying, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was aiming for the wall!!!” ugg. I told him to sit on the stool and think about what he just did while I finished drying my hair, (and the tears the blow brought to my eyes!) When I turned the hair dryer off, I asked him to give me his WORD he would never do that again…he said, “well….. I don’t know what the word is, but yeah, you can have it.”
One night he asked for a drink of juice. As I was pouring it he was looking in the fridge and asked, “are you ever gonna drink that crayola stuff or what?” I was confused and wondered what in the heck he was talking about until he said, “you know…that brown bottle of beer what you got at Christmas?” Then I realized he meant KAHLUA!
Back to the manners tea party I mentioned we had in my classroom. It was so much fun- the kids had been studying Amazing Americans and good character. We read many biographies of people in history, and the kids wrote their own autobiography on their life- talking about how THEY are Amazing Americans too. For the end of the unit, they’d earned punches on an invitation ticket for a Manners Tea Party. They dressed in their best- some boys wore ties, (one little guy told me he HAD a suit he wore to his grandma’s funeral, but his mom took it back haha) and girls dressed in their fanciest dresses (gotta love my little cancer survivor who said there was NO WAY I was going to get her to wear a dress to school, but donned her HARD ROCK cafĂ© jean jacket with pride! She makes me smile!) We ate finger sandwiches, mini muffins, cookies, and fruit, and drank juice they got to pour into their tea cups from fancy tea pots. We danced the waltz and the tango- one little boy is convinced he and I would win Dancing with the Stars if we entered. It was a fun day to end our unit. THIS is a book that was donated to my school library with a sticker inside the cover in memory of Coleman- (Thank you to the Ghetting family!) I read to my class. It talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket they carry around to keep their good feelings about themselves in. We talked about how you can fill someone’s bucket. It also talked about how some people try to dip out of someone else’s bucket to make themselves feel better- we discussed how none of us want to be a bucket-dipper! One little girl wrote… “A friend is someone who fills my bucket with love.” Have I mentioned I LOVE my job? Most days anyway! :) So if you have kids or grandkids- this would be a great book I’d recommend to anyone! I ordered a copy for Caden.
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Well, now down to business…
I know I’m always asking our carepage people for help, and you’ve all been so wonderful and supportive throughout our family’s journey. We want you to know how much it has meant AND continues to mean to us. I have a couple of requests to throw out there once again, and THANK YOU in advance for all of our angels here on Earth!
The first is a request for an on-line vote…
Little Mikayla VanWey’s family has made a dance video and is trying to win a dance contest that will benefit the Iowa City Children’s Hospital where Coleman was treated. Sorry Spoonies, I voted for you too, but have to pull for our home-state hospital on this one! :) Here’s how YOU can help. Go to
and vote for the VanWeys video. Simple as that. Doesn’t cost a dime, but every vote counts and could make a big difference to a hospital we called “home” for so long. I think you can vote every day through Friday.
Here’s a little video Coleman made for Mikayla while we were in New York. I’m not sure if I ever sent it- as it was hard to understand him…he was trying to tell Mikayla not to “twy” (cry) because she looked pretty no matter how much hair she had. Then he went into “a snake wif a belly ache”…not sure what that was all about- something only he and Caden understood I think! Anyway- a vote for the VanWey’s video would really mean a lot to us. THANKS for taking the time!
Also wanted to mention the SKATE-A-THON in memory of Coleman on March 27th in Gowrie…put on by the Elkhorn Eagle 4Hers. Kids will be skating in time slots, and we’re planning to use the proceeds toward a Coleman Scott Larson scholarship for the school, and part toward the CureSearch walk coming up…Speaking of the walk…Here is the info again…
Visit our page at:
Curesearch Walk- TEAM LARSON PAGE.

I think we’re way behind in raising money compared to where we were last year…but we’re doing our best. You do not need to be present to join or donate to our team, but we’d love to have you join us if possible. Again, Caden is working on designing the shirts- and has come up with LOTS of ideas… for SOME reason is determined to include the number 22 on the shirt somewhere??? Not sure his reasoning on that, but I told him that was okay- HE was in charge of the shirts. He’s excited about it! He’s also asked if we could have a garage sale, and he would be willing to sell his toys to make money for the kids with cancer. I love his giving heart.
Speaking of hearts- my friends and I got the chance to go to a screening of the movie Letters to God last night. The movie is inspired by Tyler Doughtie…a little boy who had medulloblastoma like Coleman. There were so many times during the movie that it reminded me so much of Coleman. From the first scene with the back of the little boy’s head- with the scar running down his bald head and neck- I was reminded of how many times my lips kissed Coleman’s scar and prayed it would one day be covered by a full head of hair…but most of all the movie reminded me of Coleman’s faith in “Dod”. Coleman talked to God so many times that brought tears to my eyes- praying for a crying baby in the room next to ours in the hospital, thanking God for people being so nice to him, and repeating time and time again throughout his journey how he KNEW Jesus was going to help him.
We should ALL have the faith of a child.
Matthew 18: 2-4 “He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
I was also reminded that when you pray- God doesn’t require you to use big words- or find the need for you to be scripted…Coleman talked to “Dod” like he was talking to a friend. He kept it simple and conversational.
One of the lines in the movie was “Everything I touch turns to dust. I can’t hold on to anything.” Oh how I have felt like that so many times! But it went on to talk about clasping your hands together and entwining your fingers in prayer- then nothing can slip through.
There have been times I have been on my knees- desperately asking for things to be different. There have been so many times I have felt NOTHING was in my control, and I was right. GOD is the only way I have been able to get up off the floor. He has listened to every cry I’ve whimpered to Him. He hasn’t always answered me in the way I wanted…BUT He has never left me, and He’s shown me that there is so much I have to be grateful for. PLEASE go see this movie if you can. It comes out in theaters April 9th…the message is one that everyone needs to hear. Some people have told me they don’t want to see it- it would be too sad, but the message is one of HOPE and FAITH. Yes, you may cry a tear or two, but I promise it will touch your heart. THANK you to BigFinishFilms for bringing the screening to DesMoines so we could watch it with people who mean so much to us…and God bless the Doughtie Family for sharing Tyler’s faith. Also check out: www.letterstogodthemovie.com
Here’s a preview of the movie…

And a few of the funny faces of the Cman- oh how I miss that scrunched up face he’d do! We’re so blessed God chose US to be his family.
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Until next time, thank you so much for checking in on us- for your support and your continued prayers- Thank you for filling our buckets and may yours be filled in return!
One day there WILL be a cure…NEVA DIV UP.
Blessings to you all,
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