Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Post...Green Day St. Patrick's 2010

I said in the last update I’d do a St. Patrick’s Day post- so here goes…

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Someone who is newer to Coleman’s carepage may not know that St. Patrick’s Day was always a favorite of Coleman’s and Caden’s….Coleman considered it his “lucky day”- for many reasons. His favorite color was GREEN, so he pretty much felt the day was ALLLLL about him when he’d see everyone wearing HIS favorite color! It held some significance in his journey- with his stem cell transplant being done ON St. Patrick’s day after having to be delayed…(we considered it a lucky twist in fate.)

Also one of the boys-(isn’t it terrible I can’t remember which one now-but I think it was Coleman) had his hernia surgery done ON St. Patrick’s day by Dr. Irish. What a coincidence. (Oh-by the way- they both had hernia surgeries by Dr. Irish- I just can’t remember which one had it ON St. Patrick’s day!)

Anyway- Caden and Coleman loved to set traps for the leprechauns and try to trick them to find their pot of gold. They’d have so much fun with the whole thing. I’d spread gold glitter all around their traps- and be ducking under and tripping over their booby traps the entire night before!
Caden kept the tradition going yesterday when he set his own leprechaun trap…but he had to be quick about it, as he and I didn’t get home until past his bedtime that night, so he threw this together before getting into his jammies.
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He only got his finger caught in the mousetrap ONCE while getting it all set up! :)

He was up by 6:00 the next morning and was SO excited to find a note from the leprechaun, along with some special treats-
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He carried around the green piece of fabric that was stuck in the mousetrap, but was convinced it was from the leprechaun's PANTS and not his jacket! He kept saying he needed to save the "evidence" to show grandma!
(Thank goodness for our stash of treats I’ve picked up here and there, as I really didn’t have time to go get him anything!) I TRULY don’t know WHAT the leprechaun was thinking when he left this little horn…You would have thought when he looked at the package and it said, “INCREDIBLY LOUD” and “FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY” that would have been a big clue to leave it in the leprechaun store.
See that little hole you blow into? Yeah- the MEGA BLAST- is MEGA LOUUUUD!!!
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It must have been a weak moment…but he KNEW Caden would love the thing! :) OH and also a whoopee cushion…what is it that boys love about those?!? It’s just so great to hear him giggle, after he’s been feeling a little blue lately. He really did have a fun day!
Here are some pics from Caden’s special day of Green…
Drinking his green leprechaun milk-
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He asked me if we could send something to Coleman in Heaven, so while he was in school I got him some balloons to release when he got home…He decided to keep one for his bedroom, and let the others go. Then he blew his horn VERY loudly so Cman could hear it. Check out how much snow has melted- the past couple of days have been in the 50’s and gorgeous! Now they’re talking snow again this weekend! UGG- at least we know it won’t stick around too long?!?
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Oh- I also wanted to share this little ditty I made for Cade….he’s only watched it about a hundred times now! He loves it! I showed it to Scott, and he didn’t even realize it was Caden until the close up- and then he cracked up. You’ll have to follow the link, I can’t seem to embed it…but it’s worth clicking on! :)

He has watched it over and over and keeps clicking replay, so the music is stuck in my head and driving me CRRRRRAZY! :)

Here are some pics of Cman looking through the clover patch one year for a four leaf clover- then I remember he picked a bunch and pretended to EAT them just to laugh at me freaking out!
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And a video from March 2008…


Here is a song I wanted to share by David M Bailey called “Her Favorite Color was Green.” I changed the word HER to HIS because it reminded me so much of Coleman…


His favorite color was green,
And that’s about all that I know.
Except that he knew the Lord loved him…
His Bible told him so.

He swam in an ocean of laughter.
He danced in a desert of grace.
The way that he loved those around him,
was written all over his face.

I was there, the evening that he left us.
I heard every tear that was shed.
I wanted to ask God the reason,
But I asked him “what now” instead.

“What now God would you have us say?”
“What now God would you have us do?”
“Wasn’t it clear he was faithful?”
“Wasn’t that enough for you?””

And God said…
“How could you ask such a question”
“Surely the answer is clear.”
“Do I have to paint you a picture?”
“Is it not enough that I’m here?”

I said, “God, that’s not what I meant…
He was just too young to die.”
God said,
“I know what you mean…
Remember… I watched my son cry.”

I said “Yes, but at least your boy is with you now.”
He said “Right, and now so is he.”
“I set him a place at my table… and you should see that boy eat.”

“Oh in fact, I wish you could see him smiling.”
“Then you’d know… he feels right at home.”
“He’s been telling the angels about you.”
“So you won’t feel alone.”

His favorite color was green.
That’s my favorite too.
He’s already sliding down rainbows…
Right between yellow and blue.

In the next post, we’ll take some pics of our new CureSearchwalk tshirts Caden FINALLY finished designing. He only changed his mind about 423 times he said. haha
I tried to sway his mind, but he kept reminding me I PROMISED HE could be in charge of them, so they’re HIS little project. He decided he wanted the number ONE on them instead of 22. (Go figure- it’s his dirt bike number)…So the back of the shirts NOW say, “Neva Div Up! 1 child at a time”
We’ll put a pic with ordering info in the next post…

Until then, here’s our walk link again…THANK YOU so much for the donations and support!
Curesearch Walk- TEAM LARSON PAGE.

AND if you had some trouble voting for the VanWey video I posted about last time…go to Register and then vote for the VanWeys- (I think their video is on pg 15 or 16) The video is called FTK (for the kids) VanWey Family Video. This would really help the IOWA CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IN IOWA CITY….THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE & YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay, That’s it for now…
Caden is probably going to be sharing some BIG news about his FIRST TOOTH coming out very, very soon! (his bottom front two are getting loose!) Yikes- he’s getting bigger! Not sure if I’m really, really sad he’s growing so fast, OR really, really happy that he has the chance to… Just thanking God for ALL of my blessings…included all of you.

THANK YOU for taking the time to leave us a message. Someone asked me if we even read them- YES, of course we do- each and every one! You have NO IDEA how much they lift us on the tough days. It really does mean a lot to us that so many of you still take the time to let us know you continue checking in with us. I wish I had the time to look up everyone’s email who leaves a message- unfortunately it’s impossible to sift through the names to find the email that goes with it. If you’d like a reply, send an email…either way, we thank you!


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  1. OMGOSH!!! That song is so crazy true!! LOVE IT!! Where do you find such suiting songs, seems like you always do! :o) You guys were on my mind alot on Wednesday, I remember how much that day meant to Coleman! I remember a few years ago, the traps that they set up...they overtook that house..HAHAHA!!! Caden is so darn handsome, what a cutie!! Thank you for sharing the videos and pictures! Coleman still can put a smile on my face...he had a way with that! Oh - the video with Caden, I will show Jord it in the morning, I am betting that this will be his NEW favorite of Caden. Maybe I can stop digging for the dirtbike one. HA!! Enjoy the last few days of spring break, I am ready for summer! Today we spent the majority of the day outside and it was nice!! The kids were tuckered out, not use to all the fresh air again and running around! :o) Please know I think of you guys daily and send prayers above for strength and guidance!! Much love ~ Crystal

  2. Wow - what an apt song. Love it.

    Thanks for posting Updates and pictures.

    Love and prayers from Scotland.