Sunday, November 1, 2009

What? October is OVER?!?

Happy Halloween from the Team Larson Dirt Bike Rider! :) He only
spilled his candy bag 30 or 40 times because he couldn't see where
he was going, and those are DEFINITELY RIDING boots and NOT made
for walking! :) Still, he thought he looked GREAT!

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Well, an extra hour added to the day. I planned on using that extra hour to get sooooo much accomplished- ha.
It's only a little past eight now, and it already feels more like midnight! I forgot how much I dislike it getting dark by 5:30.
It was a busy weekend around Team Larson Headquarters. After the week last week with two late nights at parent/teacher conferences, and then our Halloween party at school, I was about tuckered out!
Then Caden was awake Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m.! This little boy who I have to DRAAAGGGGG out of bed each morning at 6:45 was WIDE awake at six, and ready for the day! Go figure.

He had such fun trick or treating last night. It was his first true trick or treat experience, as last year Coleman wasn't feeling the best and the weather wasn't exactly perfection, so we only ended up going to 3-4 houses.

Last night's weather was perfect...just enough chill to keep you cool. Caden had a BLAST, and of course got way too much candy, which he dumped out on the table when we got home and sorted into piles of like kinds- "all Butterfingers go here, all M&M's there..." Yeah, he takes after his daddy- I'm pretty sure when I was a kid I just dug through the bag to find the piece I wanted :)
His first words once everything was sorted was "NOW LET'S GET TO EATING!" haha Now THERE is where he takes after his MOM! :)

We had church and Sunday school this morning, then visited the cemetary to visit Coleman's grave- {and remembering All Saints Day.} Coleman would have LOVED the scarecrow display- thank you Ferrells. We love you guys so much.

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Caden told me he had a good dream last night. He was playing with a little boy with dark hair, but he didn't know his name, but he knows he saw him before...and they were going down the slide and having LOTS of fun chasing each other. hmmmm...I never know what goes on for sure in his little head. I do know I like it when he tells me he has GOOD dreams.

He went to a friend's birthday party this afternoon at the skating rink- and then we went to the dreaded grocery store...hauled everything home, put things away and crashed on the couch.
It's been a long, well, not really long, but more like too short, weekend...but like I was talking to Caden about- we are THANKFUL for being blessed to be able to do all the things we did.
Caden sat in the back seat and said, "yeah, like look at what ya DO have, not what ya DON'T." (he sounded soooo much like Coleman when he said it...I remember Coleman saying those exact words.)

No matter who said it, it's good advice for the week I'd say.

Thanks for checking in on us...
We're so thankful for all of YOU!

Blessings to you all,
Forever Team Larson

Here's our Fall video I finally finished. Caden picked the song, and I added his trick or treat pictures to the end...oh and the pig nose was from the day he had to take something for show and tell that started with the letter Nn. So he took a nose. He said he was the only one who had that idea. :) Imagine that!


  1. I think Coleman enjoyed the trick or treating as much as Caden... I see an orb over Cade's head in one of the pics! So awesome... Neva Div UP!!!

  2. Wonder if Caden explained the process of picking your Nose to the Glad you had a great weekend and as always God Bless!!

  3. So glad you updated as I had been wondering about you guys! Glad you are all well. Caden looked awesome....I will have to show my son his outfit as Caleb would love that idea! I too had plans to accomplish much in that extra hour but sadly didn't either.

  4. I love that song! Great choice Caden! Looks like you guys had a great October. I can't believe it went by so fast either.

  5. Great update Peggy! Loved the Halloween costume!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  6. Caden, you are so DANG cute!! I love the video! You take such good pics, Peggy! Oh and Scott must have taken a few too, cuz you were in a couple. Good job, Scott. :o) I love his eyes they just sparkle! I saw the scarecrow at daycare before it made its way out to join the Cman. It is very cute!! Still living life with that motto, Neva Div Up!! Always thinking of you and prayers are with you!
    Much love,

  7. It is so good to get an update on your family. It makes me miss Coleman so much. I can't imagine how much you must miss that little sweetie...and dear Caden must really miss his partner and playmate. How lucky you are to have each other and such good memories. We will 'Neva Div Up' on fighting cancer. God Bless each of you. Have a good November with many things to be thankful for. Hugs! Jeanette

  8. I'm so glad you started a blog! I have been following you all on Carepages for a little over a year, I guess. You are so inspiring!