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Neva Div Up

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Just wanted to post an update because I’ve had a few emails asking if the shirts from the last post are still available- YES!!! I ordered plenty- so thank you to those who have sent their checks- I’ll be working on mailing them out soon…but we’ll have both shirts and window decals available for some time to come I think! I’ll add the info on ordering to the bottom of the update. THANK YOU for your support!

I wanted to share some kids who are VERY special to us. Kids who never had a choice, but faced cancer head on. The kids you see here have gone through more than most adults will in their life time. They have HAD to be brave too many times...

Thank you Lisa Hulsing, mom to SURVIVOR Regan (cp: braveregan) for putting together this video of our heroes! THEY are why we'll NEVA DIV UP fighting for a CURE.
Thanks Lisa for all you do!

These are just SOME of the children from Iowa...

Join us in walking for a CURE...every dollar gets us closer!

Curesearch Walk- TEAM LARSON PAGE.

Okay, a few things to update on…First the Coleman Memorial Skate-a-thon a few weeks ago. Wow, what an AMAZING time it was! The ElkHorn Eagle 4H kids put on a great day!!! Kids/Adults skated in 2 hr shifts from 8AM-10PM. A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Roy and Evelyn Scott who allowed the use of the skating rink for the day! Area businesses put together groups to come and skate- it was touching to see so many come out to remember Coleman and support our cause. Caden skated from 8am to 9pm! When we finally went for supper he said, “It still feels like I got skates on my feet!” We ALL slept well that night! They raised over $2500 for the Coleman Larson Memorial Fund! WOW- how blessed we are to live in this community!!! People have rallied around our family throughout Coleman’s fight, and continue even since his passing. We’re grateful beyond words! The money will be used to help people who are in the same boat we were…it feels good to be on the giving end, especially when we were given so much kindness we’ll never forget. Here are a few pics from the day…
Caden and Riley…
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SOME of the AWESOME 4Hers-
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The next thing I’ve wanted to update on is a 14 year old young lady who amazes us time and time again. Whoops she just turned 15- sorry MacKenzie! ;)
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We met MacKenzie West and her family through Coleman’s carepage. No, MacKenzie has never had cancer (THANK GOD) but she has made such a difference to so many kids who have. I know I’m going to forget something when I start listing the MANY things MacKenzie’s done, but to name a few….she sent care-packages time and time again to the boys throughout Coleman’s treatments, she handmade each a blanket, she held fundraisers to help with expenses for our family, she spoke to MANY MANY groups to get signatures for the petition to raise awareness for childhood cancer- (by the way, if YOU haven’t signed yet, here’s the link
Please click to sign the Childhood Cancer Awareness petition.)
MacKenzie volunteers childcare services during ClubHope meetings where Cancer Families get together to support one another, she speaks out every chance she gets to help raise awareness…she’s just a phenomenal young lady- and we’re SO proud to have her on Team Larson for the upcoming CureSearch Walk. I just HAVE to share the latest thing MacKenzie did that took my breath away- A few weeks ago at a St. Baldrick’s event, MacKenzie SHAVED HER HEAD to raise money for childhood cancer! Seriously, how many 14 year old girls you know would do this voluntarily to help cancer kids? She ended up raising over $2,500 for the kids! She first had her locks cut and donated to Locks of Love, and shaved the rest for St. Baldricks.
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MacKenzie, I haven’t sent you a formal thank you yet, but I want you to know how VERY VERY much we appreciate and admire ALL you do! MacKenzie wants to one day be a pediatric oncologist. I have no doubt she’ll do it, and be GREAT at it! YOU are AMAZING MacKenzie! I know your mom and dad, (Anne and Mark) are so proud of you, AND SO ARE WE!!! Thank you to your family for making a difference to so many!

What’s been going on with us lately? Well, when we went back to my mom’s for Easter, my sister Julie and brother-in-law Rick gave Caden a mommy cat with four babies. He is THRILLED. He’s kept them in our garage, where they still sleep at night, but they have been out during the day and follow him EVERYwhere! The mother’s name is Bella, and he has to come up with names for the 4 babies. So far he’s kicked around a few names. At first they were going to be: Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and FRED? Then he changed them to Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and BMX. :) Since then, he’s for sure named one Squeaker, and one Housekeeper (that one always hangs back in the kennel)…and he’s going to wait and see on the other two. They have been very entertaining for him. He thinks he’s the CAT WHISPERER…haha. THANK YOU JULIE AND RICK! :)
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He started soccer practices a couple of weeks ago, and had his first game on Saturday. He scored five goals, but by the time he talked to Grandma on the phone the number was up to 8 or 9…he couldn’t remember! Haha He thought it was very cool he got to be the team captain and call the coin toss- even though he lost the toss. It’s fun to see how much he’s changed since he played last year and had no idea what he was doing…
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We went to the March of Dimes Walk Saturday morning before Caden’s soccer game to walk for our little friend Conrad, son of my friend Branwyn. He was born a year and a half ago at 1lb. 5oz., but today is doing great! He’s so adorable and it was a beautiful day to walk.
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Thanks to the Swiffer Sweeper commercials Caden’s constantly singing, “who’s that laddddy? Who’s that lady? Sexy lady…” (yikes) and the other day in the van “I’m gonna soak up the sun” came on- he said, “turn it up mom- I love this song” I said, “I love Sheryl Crow too.” He said, “what? No- this is a Sesame Street song”!

The weather here has been GORGEOUS, and we’ve been getting to bed later- so in the mornings it’s so hard to get him up. He says, “I’m tryin to get my eyes open, but they keep shutting and I can’t see!” I know the feeling!
Speaking of bed, I’d better head there myself...I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already! Thanks for checking in on us, and for the messages and support. I’m adding info on the CureSearch walk at the end of the post for anyone interested. Oh- someone asked if you could be a virtual walker- YES! Just follow our link, and you can be on our team, even if you can’t be AT the walk. Every dollar makes a difference, and gets us that much closer to a CURE! THANK YOU so much for helping us raise money!

Blessings to you all,

TShirt Info:
Tshirts are $12.
Fronts of the shirts
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We have children’s sizes S-L and Adult S-3XL. (sorry no infant sizes)
If you’re interested you can send your mailing address, #of shirts and sizes to:

Team Larson
Box 251
Callender, IA 50523
Checks can be made to Team Larson.

If you could add a little extra for shipping, I would REALLY appreciate it, as that comes out of my own pocket. I’m not sure how much it will be to ship, but any extra would be appreciated! THANKS!

The shirts were designed by Caden, so he’s very excited about that.
We’re also selling Coleman window stickers for vehicles. They are $6 a piece.
Proceeds will go to our walk for CureSearch.

Window Stickers: (you rub them on and transfer- carwash safe!) They measure about 12”x3 ½”

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Here’s our link for our CURESEARCH WALK coming up-
Curesearch Walk- TEAM LARSON PAGE.
thank you to all who have signed up to be on Team Larson. It costs $10 to sign up to be a walker…or you can sign up to be on our team as a virtual walker too. THANKS AGAIN!
CURESEARCH WALK MAY 1st at Blank Park Zoo…
Registration will be at 8am in the green space adjacent the zoo parking lot to the northwest.

The walk ceremony will start at 9am.

After the walk, there will be a closing ceremony at approximately 10:15-10:30. This is when our totals will be announced!

From 10:30 to 12:00, Hy-Vee will serve a lunch for $4.50. There will be a choice of hamburger, hotdog, or chicken sandwich, served with a bag of chips, cookie and lemonade. $1 of each purchase will be donated back to CureSearch!

There will be tickets available to go back into the zoo for $4 for the rest of the day.

There are hotel discounts available at:
o Radisson Hotel - To make reservations please call the hotel at 515-285-7777. When making your reservation reference CureSearch Walk to receive the group rate of $89 plus tax. (I will put the reservation guide on the website) (also has free breakfast and internet)

o Quality Inn & Suites
201 SE Delaware
Ankeny, IA
Reserved under Curesearch Walk
Rates- $71/night including breakfast/free internet

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